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Corona Virus

Corona Virus or Covid-19 will impact on all our lives in one way or another over the coming weeks and months. It is important that you follow Government advice if you fall into a category that will need to self isolate for instance. Keep on top of the latest information by checking news bulletins on your TV or online. The main source of Government information can be found on the internet at this address.


Further information can also be found here.


Locally there are a number of support groups being created using social media. These may provide vital assistance particulary if you have elderly or infirm neighbours, who may need assistance. Consider creating your own group if you cannot find one locally, WhatsApp can be especially helpful for this. 

If you haven't seen a neighbour for a few days make a point of checking up on them to see if they are okay. Further restrictions are likely to be placed upon certain categories of people over the coming days and when that occurs the elderly and vulnerable may need help with shopping etc.

If anyone in Anderton has any practical suggestions that may help, please pass these on via email to the Parish Clerk at this address.