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The Parish of Anderton is the south easternmost civil parish of the Borough of Chorley, and of the administrative county of Lancashire. It lies on the border between Lancashire and the Greater Manchester metropolitan area. Largely rural in nature, Anderton also shares boundaries with Rivington to the east and with Heath Charnock and Adlington, with which it is closely associated, to the north.

Contained within the Parish are the main settlement areas of Grimeford in the centre, a major population area to the north adjacent to Adlington and the smaller housing developments in the south adjacent to the boundary with Horwich. Other, largely individual, dwellings are located throughout the area.

The parish of Anderton covers about 498 hectares (1230 acres) and contains approximately 530 dwellings. Currently the population is around 1200 but it is interesting to note that the total population in 1910 was recorded as 819 showing that the population growth has not been particularly dramatic.

The district is administered by Anderton Parish Council whose main aims and responsibilities are:-

  • Administration of the district through liaison with Chorley Council and other local authorities on any problems and issues arising or raised by parishioners.
  • Protection of the environment and enhancement of local amenity by the instigation of improvement schemes.
  • Development of, and within the parish by consultation with the borough council on planning matters.Community development through the contribution of funds to community organisations and liaison with partners and other local bodies.